LED Illumination

Productos Comerciales / LED Illumination

EGOLUCE was born in 1978 to produce high-quality lighting devices; these products fit in all inner lightings, going from home lighting to technical and/or architectural, proposing a wide range of devices which use the latest light sources. The light quality is the most important target of our company.

The broadest line of commercial, industrial and institutional lighting fixtures. Fluorescent and LED lighting products are renowned for their quality, reliability and solid performance.

Manufacturer of LED architectural lighting products, Marklighting offers a wide array in innovative and creative design for the community of architectural design.

Direct lighting products that improve the look of modern spaces. Focused on architectural integration, optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes.

Combines the latest energy-efficiency technologies with a great design to create a wide range of attractive, efficient and sustainable lamps.

As a leader in the emerging LED linear lighting, TIVOLI offers a wide range of LED lighting products for architectural accent and signage.

The line of products consists of high specification and efficiency, ready to be shipped. As a matter of fact, 80% of their products are shipped within 24 hours.

Lighting systems for commercial, industrial, emergency and outdoor use. The hallmark of the lamps is the borosilicate glass reflector/refractor.

Products with lighting styles: interior design – modern – traditional – classic, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor lighting (private spaces) and urban lighting (public outdoor spaces).


LED light bulbs, similar in size and shape to the conventional ones, but they only use 5-10% of the energy. They last up to 40 times more than common, with 3 year warranty (* conditions apply), offering great performance, quality and innovation at competitive prices.